Dark Brown Fringed Spirit Pouch Necklace
Dark Brown Fringed Spirit Pouch Necklace
Dark Brown Fringed Spirit Pouch NecklaceDark Brown Fringed Spirit Pouch NecklaceDark Brown Fringed Spirit Pouch Necklace
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 This pouch measures 2 x 2 1/2 inches and has a burlap herb pouch inside  The intent of the herbs are for calming the mood, soothing the skin and to ward off disease.

A spirit pouch is a small leather pouch filled with a blend of herbs to protect the wearer.  My spirit pouches are stuffed with a herb mix I collected, dried and prepared with the intention of providing the wearer a calm and soothing protection from illness and negativety

My spirit pouch-

White Pine Needles-The Michigan state tree-protects against illness, provides healthy vision

Lilac-sooths an anxious mind. And calms skin

Violet-anti-cancer, symbol of faithfulness

Lavender-calms nervous tension, relieves pain

Orange-youthful joy, mood lifter

Rose-lifts depression, beautiful skin, Love

 The mix was combined and put into a burlap pouch or pillow ,then placed into each spirit pouch.


Dark Brown Fringed Spirit Pouch Necklace

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Earth Cessories
Earth Cessories
by Melissa Toomer and Ann Robison
in Jackson, MI

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