Holiday Pine Scented Soy Wax Melting Tart 2pk
Holiday Pine Scented Soy Wax Melting Tart 2pk
Holiday Pine Scented Soy Wax Melting Tart 2pkHoliday Pine Scented Soy Wax Melting Tart 2pk
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SCENT DESCRIPTION: A beautiful aroma of Northern Pine Trees. Perfect replacement to the natural scent of a Pine Tree. Go ahead, get that fake tree!! Awesome Holiday Scented Candle!
LISTING INCLUDES: Two 1oz, Long Lasting, Undyed, Naturally Scented Soy Wax Melting Tarts.
ABOUT: The Coconut Tree Soap hand pours all candles, which are made with 100% Organic Soy Wax, Earth Friendly Fragrance or Essential oil, Wood Wick, and Decorative Glass Tureen Jar. Each candle is safe, natural, wholesome, simple, and relaxing. All candles are uncolored for a more natural affect.
Soy burns cleaner and clean up is a breeze with hot soapy water and a dish cloth.
This scent also comes in 3 oz, 6oz, 9 oz, or 11 oz Jar Candles
Burn Time ~ Tarts = 3-4 Burns
3 oz = 10+ Hours
6 oz = 25+ Hours
9 oz = 40+ Hours
11 oz = 50+ Hours
CUSTOM ORDERS are encouraged.
Working with you on a shower or party would be my pleasure :)
*When lighting your Wood Wick Candle, start at one side and tilt the jar. Allow the flame to glide over to the other side, while gently, slowly turning the candle back upright.
*When relighting your soy candle, gently push off the charred wood wick and dump it into the trash (be SURE the charred wood is not warm/hot, and then relight normally.
*Allow your jar candle to burn until you have obtained a pool of wax the same size as the opening of the jar. This will be approx 2-4 hours.
*Avoid touching the melted soy wax. Although Soy burns cooler than other waxes, one can still obtain degree burns.
*When burning your Coconut Tree candles, keep them out of the reach of children and active animals.
*Keep burning candle on a flat surface.
*Keep away from breeze to get the longest burn time possible and avoid igniting household items.
*Once your candle has burned down as far as possible, allow the jar to cool, scrape any leftover soy wax out with a spoon and wash jar with hot, soapy water.
*The images are for reference only. Products are made by hand using natural ingredients. Please allow for variations in finished products.


Holiday Pine Scented Soy Wax Melting Tart 2pk

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The Coconut Tree
The Coconut Tree
by Katie McVean
in Cadillac, MI

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