Chakra Necklace 6
Chakra Necklace 6
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18in hand crafted Necklace on black cotton cord with a lobster claw closure.   based on the 7 Chakras 


Pendant has 7 6mm semipecious stones representing each of your primary Chakras or energy meridians. 


Crown - Amythyst

 3rd eye - Lapis

Throat - Angelite

Heart - Moss agate

Solar Plexis - Tiger eye

Sacral - Carnelian

Root - Red Jasper 


SAMPLE PHOTO: Please note this item is "MADE TO ORDER" and the photos above are all sample images. So there may be slight differences in the one you receive. 


- See more at: -necklace-11#sthash.1HD0NXxA.Dpuf



Chakra Necklace 6

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Langlois Tower LLC
Langlois Tower LLC
by Rebecca Langlois
in Mt Pleasant, MI

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