Beckeys Kountry Kitchen

Beckeys Kountry Kitchen
Beckeys Kountry Kitchen
by Randy Beckey
in Blissfield, MI

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 Jams and Jellys by Beckeys Kountry Kitchen

The Beckey Family has been preserving jams and jellies from scratch for close to a 100 years now, Great Grandma Beckey a farmers wife in Blissfield seemed to be always preserving something every time we went to visit her. We are still carrying on her traditions and fruit preserve recipes at our restaurant cooking up our fresh fruit Jams one small batch at a time. Sweet Breads from Scratch Banana Bread, Blueberry Zucchini, Apple , and Peach are some of the breads we bake up every morning at our restaurant. People come from miles around our  small Village of Blissfield Michigan just to pick up a few loaves of bread to enjoy at home or to gift to friends and family. 



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